Careers in China
Rising in the East


China is one of the world’s major growth markets. Gain cultural insights into this country as part of your skill set and you have a bright future ahead, with prospects across national borders. Since our business in China is expanding rapidly, we are constantly on the lookout for good people and promising young talent. That’s why we invest extensively in getting and keeping you up to speed – it pays dividends for both you and us.

We offer rich pickings for students and graduates in particular, ranging from internships through seminar paper and final thesis projects to special entry programs aimed at specialists and executives.

All of our business sectors – Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology as well as Consumer Goods and Building Technology – are represented in China. So there’s no shortage of fields to choose from. We already employ over 20,000 highly qualified associates in China – and we still need more.

Our success is built on beneficial technology and dedicated associates. We value expertise and invest in building and improving your skills. At Bosch, we open doors for all of our associates to advance in line with their individual wishes and personal capabilities.

You, too, can achieve success with us.


Opportunities for students

Would you like to put your knowledge into practice? Perhaps you have a Chinese background or are just fascinated by the place? Why not take your knowledge and intercultural acumen to the next level by writing your final thesis or seminar paper in China? Here you’ll find what you’re looking for:

Opportunities for graduates

Is China calling you? Do you aspire to an international career? We have lots of ways for you to combine the two. You can choose to shoulder responsibility right from the start or join one of our entry programs to prepare systematically for a role as a specialist or executive in China.


Opportunities for specialists and executives

You are an expert in your field, have relevant international experience under your belt, and are eager to take up a position with us in China? Here you can see what’s on offer:

Offers in Germany

With a sound grasp of your specialist field and a mastery of the Chinese language and culture, you are also eligible for some exciting positions in Germany. Use the keyword “Chinese” to search our job market for vacancies in which these skills are a priority.