Work-life balance
Getting the best of both worlds

  • Heike Knoll
    Heike Knoll

    “Basically, it makes no difference whether I phone Japan from the office or from home.“

    After the birth of her daughter, Heike Knoll, a department head in the Chassis Systems Control division, has made the transition back to work without a hitch thanks to part-time and teleworking.

  • Andreas Iburg
    Andreas Iburg

    “An executive dividing his time between work and childcare was nothing new in my department.”

    Andreas Iburg leads two teams dedicated to active safety in the Chassis Systems Control division. And he devotes two days out of his work week entirely to his children.

  • Clara Jeannel
    Clara Jeannel

    “At Bosch, the wide choice of sports is a great way to meet coworkers from lots of units.”

    Clara Jeannel is a physical engineer and currently works as project manager for the sale of our ABS and ESP systems. In her free time, she’s an enthusiastic volleyball player who relishes playing attack.

Marginal Column
Bosch Diversity

Diversity is our advantage

Diversity is a central pillar of Bosch’s commercial success because it creates the conditions for innovation.


Flexible work models for everyone

Need more time to fit in your night school classes? Or maybe you’d like to work from home on a regular basis? You’re welcome to discuss with us when, where and how many hours you want to work.

Marrying work and family

We understand that having a family makes certain demands of you. But with a bit of skillful organization, it doesn’t have to affect your career. We’ll help you find the right solution.


Our cultural, sporting and leisure activities

Always wanted to play in a big band or an orchestra? What about singing in a choir? Or perhaps sport is more your thing? How about motorbiking? The choice of these and more is yours at Bosch