Intergenerational cooperation
Progress based on knowledge exchange

Marginal Column
Bosch Diversity

Diversity is our advantage

Diversity is a central pillar of Bosch’s commercial success because it creates the conditions for innovation.


We create the conditions for intergenerational cooperation with our concepts for lifelong learning, “late” careers, health management and the systematic transfer of know-how.

Some examples showing how we support intergenerational cooperation:


Lifelong learning

Bosch offers a wide range of training courses and seminars for all employees – from interns to employees approaching retirement.

Bosch Management Support (BMS)

Bosch wants to continue benefiting from the experience of managers even after their retirement and offers them the opportunity of a “second career”. Bosch Management Support GmbH (BMS) was founded in 1999 and puts the skills of retired employees to good use. There are BMS units in Germany, Austria, Britain, India, Japan, Brazil and the United States.

More than 1,600 retired experts are available to provide support for projects in return for a consulting fee. For instance, they support the company with training courses for new employees, in establishing new corporate locations, in the reorganization of divisional accounts, or in quality management in a production plant.

Key qualifications and experience therefore remain with Bosch, while active retirees receive appreciation and can also earn some extra income.


“befit” health promotion

In view of rapid demographic change, Bosch is systematically expanding its company-wide health management programs. Everyone benefits: employees feel fitter and more productive, while the company benefits from stronger employee commitment and intergenerational cooperation.

Health management at Bosch covers the following fields: preventive medical care, physical and mental health, psychology, healthy nutrition, work organization and integration management.

Bosch Pension Fund

Unseren Mitarbeitern in Deutschland bieten wir mit dem Bosch-Vorsorgeplan eine attraktive betriebliche Altersvorsorge. In den Vorsorgeplan gehen vor allem die Beiträge des Unternehmens ein, aber die Mitarbeiter können auch selbst Beiträge leisten und von der durchdachten Anlagepolitik unseres Pensionsfonds profitieren.The Bosch Pension Fund offers employees in Germany an attractive corporate pension scheme. It is based mainly on contributions paid by the company, but employees can also contribute themselves and benefit from the well-conceived investment policy of our pension fund.